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Millions of us are chatting each other up on the internet, flirting by text and picking our partners at speed-dating events.However, internet dating can have its dangers: cuddlyjohn @can sometimes turn out to be homicidal [email protected]

The 3G Dating Agency, launched as a trial this year, offers members the chance to send in clips they have recorded on their mobiles and browse other members’ clips.After a two-week trial, 3, the mobile operator, announces today that it will launch Britain’s first large scale video mobile dating service.Edward Brewster, of 3, says: "3G video technology will revolutionise the dating game.Once the gremlins have been banished, I learn that Rubika Balendra, 19, is a vivacious, articulate medical student having a great time at Cambridge University.She wanted to be a scientist but decided she could help more people by being a doctor.I do not quite catch her reply because a car goes by but I don’t think she was disagreeing. "I get really annoyed when you meet someone and you spend all this time texting and trying to work out what someone really means from a few words.

As she is hoping to explore more of Britain, I recommend my Scottish island getaway, a remote place with fascinating history and good bird life. "At least with a video call you can see the person and remember why you decided to give them your number. She says I would get more from my macro lens pictures if I developed them myself.

I am not normally big on beautification but, after all, I do have dates with three women in the next few hours.

It is only halfway through polishing my shoes that I realise how superfluous that is because I am going video mobile phone dating.

While you wait for the support of Active Sync on the i Phone (and wonder why you still are not using Microsoft Exchange...), I would recommend you take a look at this post about using Funambol and the i Pod Touch, having a PC with Fedora and Evolution (good choice, tough but good).

Note: if you do not use Fedora and Evolution, but Windows with Outlook, you can skip pretty much everything and just install the Funambol client from the Installer on your i Pod Touch (under Productivity) and the Funambol Outlook Plugin.

It then arranges video dates for those who express interest in each other. I thought that opening the call with a shot of a garden gnome was amusing. Yara, a pretty 26-year-old Australian of Lebanese descent, has a lovely smile.