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Angela yee and charlamagne dating

When Cipha Sounds left Sirius in July 2008, Yee took over the hosting duties full-time and the show was renamed the Shade 45 Morning Show Starring Angela Yee, and finally the name changed to The Morning After with Angela Yee.

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It might not be Sweet P*ssy Saturdays but it’s tell-all Thursdays with Plies! So you know, you can propose to Angela Yee right now. She also wrote all the Skits on GZA's 2nd Studio album Beneath the Surface.She then worked for Paul Rosenberg and Eminem's clothing company Shady Limited and saw an opportunity at Sirius Satellite Radio's marketing department, she asked Rosenberg if he could get her an interview because he had the connections through Shade 45.A couple weeks before that, I was in Philly and someone got kicked out and I brought them back in. I was like, I don’t think we want this guy back in the club. So anyway, I called him back on stage and said, just stand back here and drink this liquor with me. On his Policy with His Security System People ask me what I regret about that situation. When she was working at Sirius, I used to be like “Damn, she is nosy.” I was like, “I ain’t going there. Until you got a woman and some kids and it’s all in the house, you really feel accomplished when you’ve got all of that. Plies stopped by The Breakfast Club to kick it with your favorite morning duo. On What Type of Woman He Does Want I want a Geisha. I don’t need you to think that we’re just living like this [out of nowhere].

Chopping it up on everything from the ongoing Angela dating rumors (and “kiss” pic) to the infamous fan fight and more. On the infamous fight he had with a fan on stage & making sure his fans NEVER get kicked out of his events It was never a situation where n*ggas came on stage and walked past everybody. I was surfing through the crowd and I was on top of security shoulders and they were mushing the dude and they kind of ended up choking him out. At this point, it wasn’t even about trying to figure out why you was picking me up. And when his back hit the rail, I just went off (makes fighting motions with hands). Anything under 200, with these [hands], can’t whoop me. If we get into something and he don’t die, everybody getting fie’d (fired! No disrespect to my sisters, I don’t know if there is a “Geisha-Sister,” but I want a Geisha.

The show spotlights seven NY women in the radio and blogging industry.

The Breakfast Club show debuted on Revolt on March 31, 2014.

While on the show, Nick also chatted about his divorce from Mariah Carey and addressed the rumors that he is currently dating TLC's Chilli. - He writes all of his own stuff and he's a freestyler.

Check out the interview below to learn more about Nick and the following topics. - A lot of rappers are afraid to come on the show because it's all freestyle.

- Does he ever get angry on movie, he shot it in Jamaica. - Doesn't smoke or drink, he challenged Eminem to a battle sober.