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Apple dating game bill gates

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[email protected] screen and (min-width:62.5em). The claws come out as Jobs challenges Gates's creativity and criticizes aspects of Microsoft's business.But the Apple CEO also softens up, likens their relationship to matrimony, and speaks fondly of the legacy Gates will leave.There's even a cute video from a 1983 Apple event when Gates "woos" Jobs during a company-sponsored dating game.In a 1994 interview, Jobs was asked how he felt about Gates's success.Back in the seventies, Steve Jobs and Bill Gates worked close together.

In 1997 the Windows-manufacturer helped Steve Jobs saving Apple.

The early computer geeks were energized by the arrival of the January 1975 issue of Popular Mechanics, which had on its cover the first personal computer kit, the Altair.

The Altair wasn’t a real computer —more a $495 pile of parts that had to be soldered to a board that would then do little—but for hobbyists and hackers it heralded the dawn of a new era.

Bill Gates and Paul Allen read the magazine and started working on a version of BASIC, an easy-to-use programming language, for the Altair. Later Steve Jobs had to ask for the Microsoft BASIC because his friend Wozniak didn’t finish his own version of NASIC for the Apple II.

“He was very childlike,” said Jobs later to the author of hi biography, Walter Isaacson, abou “Woz”.

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