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Austin nichols dating

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THE LIFE AND TIMES OF JAMES WILLARD SCHULTZ (Apikuni) 1986, 1st edition, OU Press, Norman. Sadler THE TEXAS RANGERS and the MEXICAN REVOLUTION: The Bloodiest Decade, 1910-1920 2004, 1st edition, Albuquerque.

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Emmett gives us Shanghai Pierce with the warts and all…good reading and competent biography.” Pierce was one of Texas’ most colorful cattlemen who built a ranching empire in South Texas and crossed paths with many notables, including John Wesley Hardin, Ike Pryor, Charlie Siringo, Leander H. Favor tells of many interesting experiences while serving as a Texas Ranger, mostly in South Texas, during the 1960s and 70s. Folio softcover w/stiff clear plastic protection, 48) Goetzmann, William H.Author’s adventures include big game hunting, trout fishing, and more. Frank Dobie says of the book: “He talks of deer, elk, grizzlies and mountain lions, and of people--women as well as men--who belong to the land.” 220pp w/endpaper map, photos. Photographer Jeremy Enlow was given exclusive access to the twenty-six cowboys working on the Waggoner Ranch, the largest ranch in the U. 140pp w/photos, a chronological history of the ranch. Folio HB w/pictorial cover, new [multi-copies available]…..45.00 20) Brenner, Anita & George R. A well-rounded history of the ranch country around Marathon in far West Texas: frontier military with Fort Pena Colorado; histories of nearby settlements; cemetery inventory; cattle brands; some natural history; nearly 300 pages of family biographies; and more. The long-suppressed story of the author’s twenty-one year relationship with Johnson with whom she bore a love child. Some of the stories and photos are a nostalgic trip down Memory Lane. Folio HB/DJ, new [multi-copies available]..39.95 37) De Mattos, Jack MASTERSON AND ROOSEVELT 1984, 1st edition, College Station. Chapters on the county’s organization, early settlements and cattlemen; John Chisum; Sam Bass; a list of 140 cattle brands and their owners; schools; physical characteristics, and more. HB red cloth, very good, scarce….75.00 39) Dozhier, Parker DEATH IN THE DESERT: The Story of Claude Dallas 1986, 1st printing, Sutton. HB red cloth w/decorated cover……20.00 42) Eaton, John WILL CARVER, OUTLAW 1972, 1st edition, San Angelo. Charlie UP TO MY ARMPITS: Adventures of a West Texas Veterinarian 2002, 1st edition, Marathon. THE STORY OF COLT’S REVOLVER: The Biography of Col. A comprehensive history of the man and his invention. Folio HB/DJ, dust jacket has two inch chip at top of spine, otherwise very good……..40.00 45) Ellis, George F.HB/DJ (dust jacket edgeworn with chips, now in protective cover; previous owner’s bookplate on title page), 11) Barnes, Will C. Folio HB/DJ, as new, ………65.00 14) [BEE COUNTY] A HISTORY OF BEE COUNTY: With Some Brief Sketches about Men and Events in Adjoining Counties by Mrs. Leighton THE WIND THAT SWEPT MEXICO: The History of the Mexican Revolution 1910-1942 1971, 2nd edition, Austin. 187 pages are devoted to historic photographs of the period. HB/DJ, very good…….40.00 21) [BREWSTER COUNTY] THE MAGNIFICENT MARATHON BASIN: A History of Marathon, Texas, Its People and Events by Annejo P. She delivers an eye-opening look at some of the nation’s most powerful men, and gives an insider’s view of the assassination of Kennedy and its political aftermath. This book provides a look at the relationship and correspondence between Bat Masterson and Teddy Roosevelt relating to Masterson’s appointment as a Deputy U. “The documented story of how Claude Dallas murdered two Game Wardens.” The culprit gained notoriety both as a callous criminal and a modern day mountain man at odds with the government. Softcover (some light soiling to the back cover, otherwise a good copy)…30.00 40) Durham, George [as told to Clyde Wantland] TAMING THE NUECES STRIP: The Story of Mc Nelly’s Rangers 1962, 1st edition, Austin. Mc Nelly’s post-Civil War campaign to clean up the “Nueces Strip” of southwest Texas. HB tan cloth, lacking dj……28.00 41) Eason, Al CULLEN BAKER: Purveyor of Death, and Other Stories 1981, 1st printing, np. Biography of the man who rode with Butch Cassidy’s Wild Bunch and the Ketchum Gang, and was killed in Sonora in a hail of gunfire in 1901. A cow-doctor’s entertaining memoirs of a practice that spanned fifty years and covered a 200 mile radius around Marfa, Texas. BELL RANCH As I Knew It 1973, 1st edition, Kansas City.Historical overview by Ornduff sets the historical stage by tracing the ownership of the ranch beginning in the early 1800s.Ellis was one of only six managers of the Bell Ranch in its 150-year-old history, and his narrative gives an intimate view of the people, of roundup and branding operations, of herd improvement operations and marketing practices, and he blends in personal vignettes of the people whose sweat helped build the Bell reputation. Oblong folio HB/DJ (dust jacket has light scuffing, faded spine, now in protective cover) .WESTERN LIFE and ADVENTURES, 1889 to 1970 1970, 1st edition, Albuquerque. Trade paperback, new [multi-copies]…..24.99 17) Bogener, Stephen DITCHES ACROSS THE DESERT: Irrigation in the Lower Pecos Valley 2003, 1st edition, Lubbock. Huffman, Photographer of the Plains 1955, 1st edition, NY. They draw on historical records, contemporary interviews, and 133 photographs to show what makes each group distinctive in terms of working methods, gear, dress, customs, and speech.” 274pp w/glossary, comparative chart, bibliography, index. The exciting story of the “King of the Western Pulps.” Before settling down to a life of writing, Coburn worked in the Arizona mining country, served as a foot soldier in Pancho Villa’s army, and entered the early days of Army Air Corps pilot training. Later he was captured by Comanches and relates his life among them.

More interesting stories about the author’s life in the mountains of New Mexico. A history of the efforts to irrigate from the Pecos and the many colorful characters involved. HB/DJ..32.50 18) Bonney, Cecil LOOKING OVER MY SHOULDER: Seventy-Five Years in the Pecos Valley 1971, 1st edition, Roswell. Memoirs of a New Mexican who knew the Coe’s of New Mexico, Pat Garrett, and many other famous South westerners. A look at the range photography of Huffman—Indians, soldiers, cowboys, Old West notable characters, bear and buffalo hunting, and much more. During his long life he served as a government scout and as a cowboy on the Great Plains. HB/DJ, dust jacket slightly edgeworn, light stains on spine, otherwise a very good copy…….100.00.

Ted Gray’s tales about cowboying in the Big Bend country of Texas. HB/DJ, fine copy……18.00 55) Guzman, Martin Luis MEMOIRS OF PANCHO VILLA 1965, 1st edition, Austin. The autobiography of Villa drawn from his own papers, by an eminent Mexican historian who knew and traveled with Pancho Villa at various times during the Mexican Revolution. One of the most highly sought after books on the cattle range.

, in his special forward to this edition, gave the book the ultimate compliment when he wrote, “My only complaint about this book is that it is not twice as long. Chandler Robinson [Haley bibliographer] termed it ‘an epic account of the largest and most famous ranching operation of the early West.

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It left me wishing for more.” HB/DJ, as new...30.00…..145.00 54) Grozik, Richard S. A look at the “best” game guns, including the Parkers, Foxes, L. It is one of the most highly regarded land-marks in the literature of the cattle country.’ 258pp w/map, photos, appendices, bib, index.