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Beer steins from germany dating 1909

beer steins from germany dating 1909-1

Your time to this small but interesting find is appreciated Sincerely, Stacy Darrow I am guessing that the strange color is a discoloration caused by time in the ground. of Brooklyn were still advertsing this brand in the 1930s. Could you possible tell me it's worth and is it a rarity? I have this bottle we found in the wall of our house doing some remodeling ... some really weird canning jars that I think get waxed to seal .... is there anything you could tell me about this bottle in question If so I sure would appreciate it. They either owned outright or controlled interest in the company which produced the line of goods or they ha a strong agreement with that company.

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Bottle Type: ABM Measurements: Nose to Tail - 5" Height (to top of pilot's head) - 1 5/8" Wingspan - 3 3/4" Mouth of Bottle - 13/8" Markings: Top of wing - WWI era roundells on both left and right sides of wing (large star inside circle) Fuselage Sides - VICTORY of one side, and SPIRIT OF GOODWILL on other. Years ago I was told it was a wine nectar bottle I really don't have a clue. Often these bottles originally were surrounded by a wooden crate to protect them from breakage. The bottom is very much like a smooth base with a circular mold mark that states 80, It appears to have been marked twice, it also looks like it has a c, also marked twice. The honey almond cream product was still available in 1948. The bottom looks like it has a slight indentation (no kick-up) and maybe a mold seam higher on one side than the other. It states on the front in a circle- engelbert bick 703 & 705 wythe ave. I don't even know what it might have held at one time. I have a book on bottles but i haven't been able to find any of what i own in it. The bottom has an indented circle with "C2" embossed in it.Digger This is probably going to be an easy one for you. My boyfriend is working on the Big Dig in Boston and they have found some bottles around the Boston Harbor.My wife and I frequent estate sales here in our locale, and we recently found this piece (photo included.) We actually only bought it because it was an attractive piece, but I would like to know what, if any, History or value it might possess. This company was located in Jeanette, Pennsylvania. The one that he gave to me is quite unusual in that it cannot be stood up as the bottom is not flat, but's a very attractive bottle and i think it might be quite old i've seen pictures of this type of bottle before but never took much notice until i acquired this one. Yours is possibly a later bottle since the earlier ones are embossed as stated above.They, unlike yours however are not cobalt but aqua.It has a picture of a safe with wheels on the front. On the bottom of the decanter it has the following: Creation of James B Beam Distilling Company, Ky-DRB, 220 C. I have looked all over for some type of price for this bottle but have found none. Day Your bottle which appears to date sometime between 1910-1920 was a product of the Meyer Bros. they were wholesalers who sold to drugstores and others shops throughout the country.

We were wondering if you could give us an idea of its approximate date and maybe value. I have showed the bottle to many people but no one has ever seen this bottle before. the Red Diamond brand was their generic brand if you will.

Warner's Safe bottles from Rochester, New York are known in aqua, shades of amber and clear. I am in a desperate search for an antique bottle, I am not really sure what it looks like. The name of the company was Whitsel's bottling works and that it was bottled in Three Springs Pennsylvania. The Whitsel's are my family, so I am looking for a piece of my heritage. Can you please help me with this one, I can't seem to find anything about it. It is a clear square bottle that is 6" H and 2 1/2" W. I have sent these three pictures but will send as many as needed.

Click on the graphics below to see a larger version of the trademark (left) and and 1900 era newspaper ad for the product. Do you have any information about this jar - The Dominion Wide Mouth Special" It was made by the Dominion Glass Co. They are difficult to come across, so I am seeking out ways to purchase one. Do you know where I might be able to find one in good condition? There are lots of bottle shows and collectors in Pennsylvania. I am hoping you help find information on two bottles that where given to me. Here is some of the writing on them: on the bottom of two it says Wheaton, NJ, on the bottom of the other two it has Nuline, NJ.

If the bottle is wet and held to the light I am sure you will find it to be amber colored. About 20 yrs ago I dug up a bottle in Mass and would like to know what it was used for. The 1909 ad above shows an assortment of the many products produced under the Red Diamond label.

If not then it is relatively new circa 1970 or so and a reproduction. I can't find out any info on this and was wondering if you might be able to help. hinds on the top, in the middle are the letters A S H intertwined and under that says Portland, Me. Digger Hi, I have these four bottles that I have had for years but know nothing about them.

Thank you for your time and consideration in this matter. On bottom it says made in usa with 2 numbers on each bottle one number beneath the other. He began manufacturing about 1842 but he was not at the 252 address until about 1851The oldest bottles of course are pontiled and common in several colors. Condition is very important especially since there are a number of these around. I'd say your have a soda and I am not going to be able to help much. My name is Janice and I got your email address from a web site about bottle collecting. If you can tell me anything about this bottle I would greatly appreciate it. It has the complete listing of all his fights with the rounds and type of win each fight and fighters' name that he fought on its back.