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Chattooga county sex offenders

Chattooga county sex offenders-67

Nofoot Allfoot-69-mouth-tail-solids-liquids-gases-animals-vegetable-mineral-all-predators-and-prey-that-consume-and-move-with-feet-fins-wings-wheels-canes-roots-limbs-vines-landslides-dust-wind-water-fire-ice-gravity-vacuums-black-holes-going-over-under-around-and-through-Our-Greater-Self-our-habitat-the-cosmos-of-which-we-are-but-part-and-where-all-life-feeds-upon-other-life-from-the-smallest-atoms-or-bacteria-to-the-great-black-holes-and-dog-eat-dog-and-“Last-Suppers”-where-we-are-what-we-eat-or-consume-and-each-lives-on-in-the-other…∞ Serpentfoot POETRY, Ga. — Off Georgia State Route 100, at the edge of Chattooga County, across from a row of chicken houses, in front of a forest, inside a beige trailer, next to a stationary bike and a marching band drum and two snakeskins and boxes of old newspapers and a rusty stapler and books about philosophy, poetry and nude beaches, Serpentfoot sits on a ripped red couch. He said Serpentfoot herself couldn't even remember that name. 21, she filed a notice of name change with the Chattooga County court clerk. The oldest of nine siblings, she grew up picking cotton for her father, a sharecropper.

Her driver's license, for example, reads "Serpentfoot Serpentfoot." In her court filing, she said her new name was more traditional. And so she wants to alter her name again, to these words. And while they seem disparate, Serpentfoot says they are held together by the invisible glue of life.It's so long, the judge argued, anybody who wants to sue or prosecute her will become too confused to file accurate court documents. She's added more words to the name since her first rejection. Her family attended a Methodist church and prayed every night. Born Carolyn Marjorie Ann Clay, Serpentfoot has been northwest Georgia's ambassador of weird for five decades now. We should leave a message in the form of our names. " She continues on like this, screeching what appears to be nonsense for about 90 seconds. She swears she's spreading the gospel of her one-member church, Our Greater Self. But we should leave more than that, Serpentfoot believes.But she didn't believe the Christian teachings.

She couldn't fathom that an all-powerful God would create something called hell. The alphabet didn't make sense to her because letters don't appear in nature.

She wanted to create a writer's village and spread a new wave of poetry throughout the country.

She loved how the art allowed her to pack a message into a tight space. According to a 1974 Associated Press article, more than 300 people joined her group.

When we die, our bodies are for the animals and plants we leave behind.

Which is why she's here, inside her tornado-mess of a trailer, rattling off these words. Everything in the universe is connected: That's the message of her ministry.

It was then she became spiritual, born literally from hunger.