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Some of the scammers would just contact you, stating that they made a mistake and overpaid you. The scammer sent you a check or money order that looks genuine, but it’s actually counterfeit.

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I thought it was orange juice and I thought, oh how nice, British orange juice! It was probably the most disgusting liquid I ever put into my mouth. While not everyone drinks to excess in Britain, they do drink quite a bit. The problem I have when traveling to Britain is that I’m a teetotaler – I rarely drink and can’t stomach the taste of alcohol (it’s more taste over principle).When you travel to Britain for the first time, the first thing you’ll notice pretty much when you exit the aircraft is how foreign the place is. And while I tend to think I have a pretty good understanding of the country and their cultures, there are still a few things that completely baffle me to no end.Disclaimer: This post is meant all in good fun and is meant to generate a good discussion.Trust your gut and follow the advice in this post to determine if you are dealing with a legitimate applicant.If you have received an e-mail, please take the time to paste it in the comments so that it appears on Google searches so that it may prevent other innocent people from getting scammed.How the Scam Works The scammers or purported roommates make initial contact with you, stating that they are interested in renting your room, but cannot visit because they are overseas or have a tight time constraint and can’t make the time.

The scammer insists they are easy going and would like to move. They might be a medical school or college student, or perhaps starting a new computer or modeling job, and they might even be arriving with their parents.

I have received the e-mails from scammers while using other resources, such as and

The e-mails generally read along the same lines, so it not isolated to craigslist.

They may even cash it if you have an account with them.

When you send them back the amount that was “overpaid,” you’re really sending them your own money, and the bank will deduct the full amount of the fraudulent check from your account when it fails to clear. Simple Ways Not to Fall Victim to This Scam Last thoughts This scam not only targets users of craigslists, but other roommate subscription sites as well.

photo credit: jepoirrier I'm Mike, I rent out my spare rooms in my house to roommates. If you're motivated to make some extra cash from your spare room, please join my community and start here....