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Christian man dating single mom

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I missed out on the 10 years of dating and hard knock life lessons of an un-committed Gen X'er.My advice is to be sensitive to her single/dating immaturity.

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I've made up for all of the years of inexperience in the dating pool, earning a rap sheet full of mistakes and heartbreaks.She's only known the security of married life -- all in and completely devoted.Taking it slow and playing a smooth game is not her M. Remember, she spent every night for years with the same person.Hidden under the layers of responsibility lie our own needs, which resurface as we disengage from our identity as a married woman.Recently, several of my freshly divorced friends have confided in me about their struggles.It is a blessing to sit with my children every evening, but there is a deep ache as I set the table for three.

I sit down and across from me, empty space, on either side of me, joy -- bouncing legs, crumbs and buttery hands yearning to tell me about their days and I listen, but there is something missing: a partner.

Chances are, she's been lonely for a very long time.

She hasn't had the opportunity to share her thoughts or feelings with a partner for years. Listen to her talk about her day -- what the kids did, the good parts, the bad parts.

It will only improve the well-being of your relationship in the future. You will instinctively know when she's ready and when she is, love her all the way.

Three years ago, Michelle Smith was pregnant, alone, and afraid.

I still don't understand the game of love, but I do understand my needs as a woman and mother.