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Dating france muslims affairs

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The anti-racist organisation, SOS Racisme, is not overly sympathetic to the veil-wearers.In their book La République et l'islam, Jeanne-Hélène Kaltenbach and Michèle Tribalat subordinate individual rights to 'the common good'.

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Still, delicate and well-nigh intractable problems do arise when a nation's loss of homogeneity reaches critical mass.When Muslim women demonstrate, the press claim they have been forced to do so by their fathers and brothers.This was not the feeling I got from the demo I witnessed or from speaking with independent-minded, scarf-wearing Muslim women.The authors explain that a school "is not an ordinary public amenity, but rather an 'organ of the State' whose objective is to emancipate its pupils in order to make of them citizens endowed with freedom of conscience.Thus the school requires total neutrality." The authors add: "The student is much more than a simple user [of the school].The Marseillaise crackled tinnily but stirringly across the Parisian square; the banners, with their slogans expressing aggrieved patriotism, were held proudly upright in the blustery drizzle of a December afternoon.

Young women, their faces framed by the controversial Muslim headscarf, took to the makeshift podium; the men hovered on the periphery, while bystanders watched democracy in action and French certainties in the dock.

In France, as in the UK, there are cultural differences in the areas of parental discipline, sexual segregation and diet.

Immigrants from the Maghreb are implicated in verbal and physical attacks on France's Jewish community.

This demonstration was one of many before and since.

President Chirac had just announced that a proposed law, banning signes religieux, such as the Muslim headscarf, from schools and other state-funded institutions, would shortly be debated in parliament.

A commission headed by former education minister Bernard Stasi had completed its investigations, including the testimony of a small delegation of 'veiled' women.