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PS: Roos`s reactions in Dutch were a fine touch, appreciate that kind of detail. It is a bit linear, but that`s ok for the first part of the story. Kean has fainted at the opportunity to touch boobs and said he has never been near a girl but does and expert finger job. To get a good ending, you need to roleplay as true to the character as you can. Important point number one: That is very sad because it limits the game play. People have different preferences, and you did not give them the chance to play for their preferred character. If there are no other choices, then make a simple dialogue box to click so that players do not waste time doing mouse overs on the whole game screen. Because game play is long, most people won`t get to finish playing the game in only one session. It is very easy to do and makes you play much more. I like it but if we are in "story mode" make it easier to continue.

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My only complaint is that they kind of force one of the characters in the game a little too much. The idees are great but i don`t understand why the game offer various way when only one link to sex with the (too? -- I can see how some of the complaints as they are have been valid to a point. Excellent story, VERY MUCH want to see more of it!!It doesn`t happen, unless one drives the finger through and that would probably break the deal for a girl, like Maggie. Too many posters that are older somehow cannot relate to girls looking so young. Getting any of them into a threesome would be amazing. She insists "Kean will promise not to stare, won`t you?? Example: Instead of being forced onto the deck by the story line you can choose to visit the doctor or check out other rooms.I started the game with the frame of mind of trying to think how Kean would think. Great graphics and storyline, but the interaction is somewhat lacking. You can go perv [I will certainly not promise anything of the sort! Lastly, I don`t really like the idea that if you do something in the hot tub it`s automatically game over.Is awesome by the way I want more things and even the girls on the boat... Nurse, Rita, Pilot and Nikky, i believe Nikky is can avaliable for Pandora II..... I like this game i hope the part II come soon This is a great game.

The multiple save/restore options really help you to explore multiple story lines and long sections.

This game is awesome, one of the best if not THE best game on this site.

The story is very well organised with a lot of different ways in which it can be developed. I highly suggest that the hot tub and shower be far more exploited. I`ll help you back to your cabin.] Shy 15 [Ok...] = After fingering her you will have a chance to stop, or choose to fuck (-20 shy), to have an hand job (-15 shy) or a blow job (-20 shy). ** Maggie scene ** Here you can`t fail until the sex scene.

90% thanks for good work :-) I`m not finished yet (I`m at the legend narration) but I already gave the best possible vote for the game.

Really well written with really interesting characters, I just hope there will be space to interact (wink wink) with them all and that with choices there will be different paths or events.

The sex in the hot tub with Roos was awesome, I love the Star Wars references - Think about Jabba and Han Solo shoots first... I didn`t think I would enjoy the exploration in the sub with Maggie, but you proved me wrong, it was exciting. As Always when Mortze and/or Tlaero make a game, I know it will be good.