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In September 2004 the team of i XBT checked our [email protected] in detail: "Taking into account its price and professional orientation, we found no drawbacks in this card." - read the full review here.

Popular UK online magazine Dancetech had a detailed look on [email protected] and mentioned:"So, a great little audio card! " - read the full review here also check their video review!Plotting capabilities are provided by external packages such as Py and A package which integrates most of Julia’s plotting backends into one convenient and well-documented API is mac OS and Windows releases are codesigned by certificates that are verified by the operating system before installation.Generic Linux tarballs and source tarballs are signed via GPG using this key.A hybrid "canvas programming" style combines the exploratory power of a notebook with the productivity of an IDE.

Juno is built on Atom, which means it's a powerful editor as well as a pretty face.

Look at the plotting instructions to install a plotting package.

If you are using Julia Box, all of these plotting packages are pre-installed.

The unique swappable I/O socket allows you to choose your analog connectors between unbalanced RCA jacks and balanced TRS jacks.

You don't have to configure your studio to [email protected], you can configure [email protected] to your studio.

If the provided download files do not work for you, please file an issue in the Julia project.