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In the postwar era, the fuselage of the Model 10A was enlarged to accommodate four seats, and the four-cylinder powerplant was replaced with a Franklin 150 hp six-cylinder engine.

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All other military liaison airplanes adopted during World War II were lightly modified "off-the-shelf" civilian models.The Dancing On Ice mentors have always denied that they were ever romantically involved, despite being practically inseparable during their younger years, however in a recent interview they have confessed that they may have told a few porkies along the way.The pair filmed their show for Piers Morgan’s Life Stories last night and revealed that they did once hook up, though they claim it didn’t last very long.The L-5 carried a pilot and observer in a tandem-seating configuration, which was preferred by the military for observation work.In March 1943, with the creation of the liaison category of light observation aircraft (previous examples came from Taylorcraft Aircraft as the L-2, and from Aeronca as their L-3, along with the numerous Piper L-4) the designation for Stinson's new purpose-built military design was changed to the L-5.The 75 horsepower civilian high-wing design was built by the Stinson Aircraft Company at Wayne, Michigan and first flew in 1939.

Biography Torvill became hooked on ice skating at the age of 8 following an after-school trip to the local ice rink.

He said: “She used to say there were three people in our marriage.”We have to admit, we’re very much looking forward to seeing this episode of Life Stories, as it sounds like quite the cosy affair.

Veronica discovers the origin of her sex tape - Furious that Logan attacked Piz, Veronica tells Logan she wants nothing to do with him.

This was one of the most popular achievements in the history of British sport, watched by a British television audience of twenty-four million people.

Torvill and Dean turned professional after their 1984 Olympic win, and under then-existing Olympic Committee rules their professional status made them ineligible to compete in the Olympics again.

Six examples of the Model 105 Voyager were equipped with 80 horsepower Continental O-170 engines and provided to the military for testing under the experimental designation YO-54.