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Interactive webcam chat

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We have covered this subject extensively on Make Use Of.

It comes with various game packs and is available for all major versions of Windows.We recently mentioned Key Lemon in an article on fun tools to get more out of your webcam.Maybe the most obvious thing you can do with a webcam is use it for surveillance or generally watching things remotely.Both tools are free, don’t require registration, and offer a direct download of your animated GIF.With Key Lemon you won’t ever have to type in your Windows password again.The software supports multiple user accounts, is available for Windows XP through Windows 8, Mac 10.6 to 10.8, and comes in a Basic (free), Bronze, and Gold version with varying features.

Apart from logging in with face recognition, the free version also includes the Lemon Day plugin that lets you track your face evolution over time.

They are combined into one animated GIF, which you can edit as you preview it.

You can delete, add, and move frames, change the frame intervals, photo dimensions, and add effects.

This subtle information adds a lot of depth to conversations.

But webcams can do a lot more than enhance virtual conversations.

Few of us use their full potential for fun, convenience, and safety.