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In its cheesy, 13-episode first season, the Tanners have reunited in their iconic home—now decorated to look like a Pinterest post your mom would love—29 years after the sitcom’s eight seasons and nearly 200 episodes first aired on ABC.But this time around, instead of a widowed Danny Tanner (Bob Saget) raising his three daughters with his brother-in-law and childhood best friend, it’s his eldest daughter, a widowed D. Fuller (Candace Cameron Bure), who’s raising her three sons with the help of her sister and best friend in the same house where she grew up.

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Here’s what else you should expect before (and if) you decide to dive in: Each character has returned with a famous line or two, from Kimmy Gibler’s (Andrea Barber) “Tannerinos! ” We don’t hear anything directly from the youngest daughter, Michelle Tanner (Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen), because, as Danny points out, she is busy running her fashion empire in New York City.” to Jesse Katsopolis’s (John Stamos) “Have Mercy” and Joey Gladstone’s (Dave Coulier) “Cut! Her relatives sarcastically mention her absence on three different occasions (at one point even breaking the fourth wall and staring directly at the camera), as though the real-life Olsen twins don’t have anything better to do than guilt-binge a lukewarm sitcom reboot.In one scene, Michelle’s sisters and Kimmy leave her a voicemail mentioning her cutesy “You’re in big trouble, mister” and “You got it, dude!“Especially me.” The still Elvis-obsessed Uncle Jesse knows he’s hot, even as a father with two college-aged sons (who appear briefly in the first episode). A warning, though: Uncle Jesse still is a bad dancer. When she’s donning a scarf decorated with bacon and eggs and putting her bare feet on the kitchen table during breakfast we can tell she’s the same Kimmy fans know from the original. He wanted to be a stand-up comedian, often imitating old cartoon characters like Popeye and Bullwinkle during the original show. has an online dating profile and all of the characters are obsessed with their smartphones.He mocks his family for teasing him 29 years ago about his hair creams and moisturizers. Most of the Tanners continue to view their outspoken next-door neighbor as a nuisance. But she’s also a mom with a teenage daughter Ramona (Soni Bringas), and runs a seemingly successful party-planning business. Now, even with a gig at a Las Vegas casino, he totes around Mr. Every time a phone rings with a message, those present immediately stop what they’re doing to find out who received the text alert. assigns her eldest son, Jackson (Michael Campion), a list of chores that includes syncing her i Phone to her i Pad.While she continues to use her famous “how rude” catchphrase ad nauseam, the middle Tanner daughter now haphazardly makes her living as a D. while also attempting to break into the music industry as a singer. I know these might look like lunch, but this Dairy Queen is closed.” Speaking of awkward moments, the language seems unnatural and out-of-character for the family-loving Tanners.

Throughout the season, we see Stephanie as she orders tequila shots, dates San Francisco Giants right fielder Hunter Pence and temporarily leaves home to D. Uncle Jesse tells his wife, Becky (Lori Loughlin), that she used to have a firm butt as a result of climbing the stairs when they lived in the attic.

Though ‘Full House’ ended almost two decades ago, it seems like the cast keeps popping up “everywhere you look.” (We had to!

) From Instagram pics of their reunions and hilarious Tanner family Super Bowl commercials to countless reruns, we love that San Fransisco’s favorite blended family is still together after all these years.

When she barges into their kitchen during her first appearance, Danny questions aloud why he never had the locks changed on the door. It’s Kimmy who selflessly moves in to the house to help D. Woodchuck, the wise-cracking marionette puppet that he loves (and which does not really play 29 years later). And, discouragingly but perhaps most realistically, the Fuller kids don’t appreciate Joey’s jokes because they’re too busy staring at their devices. And just to remind you that the new sitcom, two different scenes include same-sex kissing and the 2016 presidential election is mentioned. J.’s middle child, Max (Elias Harger), tells his mother he already knows “bad words,” including “darn, booger and Donald Trump.” It wouldn’t be a revival if every episode didn’t end with hugs and smiles.

He even mouths the three-word phrase, “I love you,” to the puppet. In the first episode, after the family overhears D. questioning whether she can handle raising three kids alone, Danny and Becky volunteer to help, even turning down jobs co-hosting a new talk show. “You’re way more important to me than a talk show, even a nationally syndicated one.” Joey also says he will move back into the basement and commute to Las Vegas from San Francisco, which would equate to a more than 550-mile trip.

The family members use words like “sexy” and “jackass” and mention “full-frontal Frenching” in their conversations with each other.