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Official reprint: stamps reprinted at a later date by the original issuing entity from the original plates. S.: On His Exalted Majesty's Service, overprint on stamps of Egypt for official use, 1922-23. 31: convention states' stamps no longer valid, 1951, Jan.1: overprint on stamps of British India for use to any point in British India. Penalty For Private Use $300: government business mail, to be sent by government officials without postage prepayment; see Penalty Envelope. Malaysia, 1948, Dec.1: No.1, 10¢ purple, "Malaya Penang" inscription, 1965, Nov.

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Oceanie: inscription for French Oceania, 1892-1958. Ocean postage: Great Britain Penny Postage cutouts from envelopes during the 1850's. O C / P letter bomb inspected: Office of Communications, State Department, Washington, DC marking issued during 2002 letter bomb inspection. Offices Abroad, Morocco: The British were operating offices there well after the end of WW II. Panalpina Ltd.: United Kingdom postal strike; local post 1971. 4: first inscription "Republica de Panama," 1915: first postage due stamp, 1921, Feb.: U. forces intervene in clash with Costa Rica, 1929, Feb. Panama Canal Int-Ocean: inscription on label supposedly sold, 1880s, for mail on ships going through the canal. Pan-American Postal Union: 1890; agreement made by countries in North and South America, except Canada and the European colonies, to charge domestic rates of postage for mail to other countries in the Union. 31, 1901; the 1¢, 2¢ and 4¢ stamps were printed with inverted centers. Par L'Etat: (Fr.) By the State; overprint on Belgium 1912 issues; Railway Parcel validation from a private line (le Compagnie du Nord Belge) to the State-owned rail system. Partido en dos: (Sp.) bisected; stamp cut in half that is valid for postage at half the face value of the original stamp. PCS Post: United Kingdom postal strike; local post 1971. 2: (Fr.) Payé à destination see Paid to Destination. Peace and Commerce: design of French stamps issued in 1876 that depict theseated figures of "peace" and "Commerce," engraved by E. Peal de Becerro: local post, Spanish Civil War, Republican,1937. Pécule: savings plan for contract workers; French Colonies revenue inscription Pécule de Guerre: mustering plan (soldiers') pay; French Colonies revenue inscription Pécule Travailleurs: imported workers savings; French Colonies revenue inscription Pedone: (It.) foot messenger. Pegasus Postal Service: United Kingdom postal strike; local post 1971.These were closed in 1923 when the nationalists assumed control of Turkey. 2: stamps or stationery issued for use by government departments in the course of official business. Oil Rivers Protectorate: former British protectorate in West Africa; currency: 12 pence = 1 shilling 1852, Jan. Panzacola: (Sp.) Pensacola, postal marking used in 1787. Pasco: department in Peru, local provisional overprint on stamps of Peru due to stamp shortage, during occupation by Chile, 1884. Peltonen: specialized catalogue of Finland, Aland and Estonia.Official: 1: Tanganyika overprint on stamps of Kenya and Uganda; Basutoland overprint, official use, 1959-60. 5: bogus overprint on Great Britain 1d red of 1864 Official Service: overprint on stamps of Liberia for official use. Oh-My-Hair: fantasy by the American Journal of Philately. 29: British Steam Africa Navigation Company granted contract to carry mails to West Africa, used British stamps, 1879, Jan. territory May 2, 1890, state Nov.16, 1907; taken from Oklahoma and Indian Territories. Paositra Malagasy: inscription on illegal issue, reported to the UPU Sept. Papel Delmeina: (Sp.) paper, invented by a Belgian engineer, made in Spain and used for Civil War postal tax and charity issues; paper has a clear white color while the stamp back has a chalky appearance caused by the adhesive material. Pasillo: (Sp.) gutter Pasing paper: silk thread paper made at Beck Mills, Pasing, Bavaria between 18. Pelure paper: a strong thin semi-transparent paper that looks like a slightly dark onion-skin paper.Ocelotisk z plochy desk: (Czech.) line engraving, steel engraving, recess printing, intaglio, taile douce - flat plates. 1914, when the Ottomans entered the First World War. Ohu Post: inscription on stamps of Estonia for air mail. Pane: 1: stamps as sold by the post office; usually a commemorative pane consists of 50 stamps; four panes of 50 stamps make up a "sheet" of stamps as printed; more recently panes consist of 20 stamps. Part time dealer: a dealer whose primary income is from another job. G.: Postes Bureau du Gourvernement (Fr.), Government Post Office, 1793-98. Pechino: overprint on stamps of Italy for Peking, Italian post office in China,1918-19; aka Pei-Ching. Pecliv Tarzitkujte: "Philatelic handling label" for careful canceling and handling of mail, supplied by postal authority, Czechoslovakia. 31, 1922, Treaty Port, stamps of Italy overprinted"Pechino"for use at Italian post office, see China, Italian Post Offices. Példányszám: (Hung.) quantity (of stamps) printed.. Pelita: overprint on Netherlands Indies for semi-postal, 1948. Odense Bypost: city of Odense, Denmark, local post. Odessa: city in the USSR, on Black Sea; 1878-1881, city in Russia, local post, see Zemstvo,1919-Jan. 15: Pakistan formed into Dominions of India and Pakistan, 1947, Oct. 23: became a republic, 1962: first air mail stamp, 1971, Dec.: East Pakistan became Bangladesh. Palma de Mallorca: local post, Spanish Civil War, Republican, 1936. Parcel post postage due stamps: stamp issued to pay unpaid parcel post fees. Parcel stamps, government: Belgium, inscribed Chemins de Fer; Belgian state railways, May 1879.Oceania: 1915: first semi-postal stamp, 1926: first postage due stamp, 1934: first air mail stamp. Open Mail: mail sent from one country's exchange office to another country's exchange office, sorted and marked at each office; rate differences ceased when prepaid international rate went into effect July 1, 1875. Panama: links North and Central America to South America; currency: 100 centavos = 1 peso, 100 centesimos = 1 balboa (1904) 1859-1903: former Department of Republic of Colombia, 1863-84: British stamps used on overseas mail from Panama City, 1870-81: British stamps used on overseas mail from Colon, 1878: No.1, 5 centavos gray green, first issues for Panama along with those of "Estados Unidos de Colombia," 1887: Colombia issues for use in the Department of Panama, 1903, Nov. 16: first stamp issue, "Republica de Panama" provisionals issued in Colon, Bocas del Toro and Panama City, 1904, June 11: Canal Zone had its own stamps, joined the U. 8: first air mail stamp, special delivery issue overprinted "Correo Aereo," 1941: first semipostal stamp; see A. Pantone Color System: a standardized system of blended colors, each with their own Pantone Matching System (PMS) number. Papir, Gennemfarvet: (Dan.) paper colored throughout. Part original gum: a stamp with noticeable gum missing. PE: 1: abbreviation of piastre, early Egypt currency. Pearls: a circle, with or without semi-circular shading inside. Peelable label: an address label that can be removed from a cover. Pegau: city in Germany, local post, Courier, 1893Pego: local post, Spanish Civil War, Republican,1937. Hardie, BEP employees initials, 1906-1928; see Plate Finisher, Siderographer.

Oceletisk z plochych desek kombinovany s knihtiskem: (Czech.) line engraving - flat plates in combination with typography. Offices Abroad, Turkey: First closure was at the end of Sept. Okupace australsky: (Czech.) Australian occupation. Pandemonia: spoof stamps created for 1936 stamp exhibition. Papir, Fosforiserende: (Dan., Nor.) phosphorescent paper. Part perforated: a stamp that is not perforated on any one or more of the sides; these stamps usually come from sheets where some of the perforating lines have been omitted. Pear's Soap: first advertisement on stamps by Great Britain in 1881. Pei-Mu-Chen: local post, Southwest China, 1950Peking: (Beijing) District, now named Beijing; 1917, Sep.-Dec.

OBHV: Osterreichischer Briefmarken-Händler-Verband, Austrian Stamp Dealers Association. Odense - Odense Local Post : Odense is a city and the capital of Fyn county in N central Fyn Island ca. Local post opened 1 February 1884, with " Odense / Bypost" local stamps being issued on the same day, and with several others being issued through 1887. 30, 1920: overprint for Polish consular post in Odessa, Russia 1941: Romanian occupation, local post. 1: No.1, 3 pence slate, stamps of India overprinted "Pakistan," stamps of India without this overprint were not accepted for mail, 1947, Nov. Pákistán: (Czech.) Pakistan Pakistansk: (Dan., Nor., Swed.) Pakistani (adj.). Palmenstempel: (Ger.) palm marking on German field post mail during WW II, used by the German Afrika Corps. Parcel post stamps: stamp issued to prepay parcel post fees; U. Parcel stamps, private: Great Britain, postage prepayment on packages used by private freight firms, 1821; railway companies were next to use this type stamp, 1846.

Occupation Fran'aise Cameroun: (Fr.) overprint on stamps of Middle Congo, French occupation of Cameroon. Oferta: (Iniziale) (It.): first, or opening bid at an auction. Offences Island: cinderella label, not valid for postage. Pamiut: now named Frederikshaab, Greenland Pamplona: local post, Spanish Civil War, Republican,1936-37. Paris prints: term for early Greek issues, identifying stamps printed locally and in Paris, 1861. Partially separated perfs: when a number of perforations are detached between two or more multiple stamps. Interim Administration in Kosovo, issued March 14, 2000.

Occupation stamp: 1: stamps issued for use in enemy territories by the conquerors. Occupazione Italiana: (It.) private overprint on stamps of Egypt for Italian occupation of Oasis of Siwa, 1942,occupation. Ocupatia Franceza în Arad: (Rom.) French occupation of Arad, see Arad. Off center: a stamp design that is not printed in the exact center of the paper, resulting in unequal margins around a stamp. Offences of Humanity: cinderella label featuring offences of the human body. Offices abroad: postal agency of one country in another, usually because of the poor local postal network; special stamps were usually overprinted for these offices, mainly from the country maintaining the office. Pamphlets & Newspaper: British revenue stamps for use in America, 1765-66. Park City Match Co.: see Private die match proprietary stamps. Partial original gum: unused with some original gum. Peace and Navigation: used for French overseas possessions from1892;engraved by E. Mouchon; aka the "Tablet"Peace issues: British Commonwealth countries issues to commemorate the end of the 1939-45 war. Peacock: royal emblem of Burma used as overprint on stamps of Burma during Japanese occupation of Burma, 1942.

Occussi-Ambeno, Sultanate of: Timor: bogus labels sold as stamps for nonexistent territory, 1968. Octubre 12, 1942: on stamps of Cuba, Ecuador and Paraguay; labels printed in 1935-36 to commemorate Columbus' first voyage. Offenbach: city in Germany, local post 1: Offenbach-Frankfurter Packet-u. Offices Abroad, China: The German offices were shut in March 1917 after China entered WW I on the Allied side. Most of the others, including the American office, were closed at the end of 1922. Okupace ceskoslovensky: (Czech.) Czechoslovakian occupation. Panad: United Kingdom postal strike; local post 1971. Parker Post Worcester: United Kingdom postal strike; local post 1971. Paro, Paro Obrero: (Sp.) unemployment, used on postal tax stamps of the Spanish Civil War period. Partial perfs: stamps that are perforated in one direction only, vertically or horizontally; collected in multiples. P.: (Cyrillic letters) Russia Socialist Soviet Republic. B.: Philatelic Congress of Great Britain PCL: see Precancel. Pearls: motive on stamps showing circles, with or without shading.

Official cachet: 1: cachet produced by a postal administration. S.: 1: On His/Her Majesty's Service; 1978-91 Aitutaki, Cook Islands, etc. 1: British West Africa colonies joined the UPU, 1884, July: British protectorate started, British Royal Niger Company, 1886: charter granted to The Royal Niger Company to administer territory, 1887, Oct. A.: .: Russia Army of the North Issue, 1919; initials of Russian words meaning "Special Corps, Army of the North;" see Russia. Okeridge Motor Service: United Kingdom postal strike; local post 1971. Okla.: abbreviation for Oklahoma prior to Zip Code usage. 24, 2001, by the postal administration of Madascar; not valid for postage. Papel estucado: (Sp.) chalky paper; stamp paper which has a coating of chalk or clay on the surface. Pass: auction term meaning that a lot is unsold because the final bid did not reach the Hidden Reserve. Pasta: Donald Evans issue, Italy; see Evans, Donald Paste up: the juncture where the ends of rolls of coiled stamps are pasted together to make a continuous roll. Pembina Twins: nickname for pair of Canadian 7 1/2d.