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Not ready for dating

[Read: 10 signs your past relationship is holding you back] #5 You don’t feel the compatibility.You like the person you’re dating, but somewhere at the back of the mind, something just doesn’t feel right.

A rebound relationship may work very well here, as long as you make your intentions clear from the very beginning.It’s not always your fault if you feel like you’re not ready for a serious relationship.You could be dating someone who truly loves you, but as much as you try, there may be circumstances when you just can’t fall in true love with them, even if you really like them a lot and love dating them! Have you ever dated someone who seems perfect for you, but you just couldn’t see him or her as a long-term partner?And both of you seem too different from each other to last past the infatuation stage in love.[Read: The 9 relationship stages all couples go through] #6 A distraction.] It’s not fair to stay guarded all the time in a new relationship, but on the other hand, it’s never a good thing to be so smitten by love early into the relationship that you can’t differentiate between right and wrong until you’re way past the infatuation period because it would only make you hurt a lot more!

[Read: 9 easy tips – New relationship advice for that perfect start] So are you ready for a serious relationship?

Do you tell everyone else that you’re not ready only because you have a secret checklist of likes and dislikes in your mind when you look out for a partner?

And instead of appearing vain and conceited, and reveal that you haven’t found a person worthy enough to date you, do you find it easier to tell everyone that you’re not ready to make a serious commitment?

If you’ve always believed you’ve been right all along and have never been wrong in any past relationship, then you surely have a lot to learn.

When you don’t self reflect on your past relationships, and correct yourself while learning from your past romances, you’ll always find yourself in square one all the time.

But if you are really serious about getting serious in love, you have to learn to take the plunge at some point in time.