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Polyamorous dating toronto

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Even the whole European concept of "courtly love", which our modern ideas of romance are based upon, is a fundamentally polyamorous expression.

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Emotionally, it makes no sense to me to think that my love for one person diminishes my ability to love others.), but in the end, in my experience, they all crash and burn.And, when poly relationships crash and burn, it's exponentially more ugly because of the blurred lines and emotions involved.I also hate the idea that while I might be emotionally close to a range of people, the fact that I only have sex with one person would be the defining feature of my relationship."Before I heard about poly, I remember reading about women like Simone de Beauvoir and Frida Kahlo and knowing that brilliant women, at least, could have relationships that worked differently.And, I remember vaguely thinking that maybe if I could manage to be brilliant I would be 'allowed' to do what made sense for me.I spoke to a few different people about their experiences with polyamory and nonmonogamy.

Their stories reflect the wide range of emotions that accompany these complex relationships; no one story is the same. She lives in Toronto with a male partner, whom she has been dating for over five years, and has a woman she considers her life partner, whom she has been close to for approximately three years.

My ex-husband's girlfriend stared at us in bafflement. "That sounds like a made-up word for slutty.""Polyamorous" is a made-up word (it was first used in the early '90s), but it's not a made-up concept.

She was from Nebraska, and had never heard of such a thing. People across cultures have been loving more than one person at a time, engaging in multiple-partner relationships, and having open and varied sexual play for thousands of years.

She was in a polyamorous relationship for five years with a married man that eventually ended after she realized that her partner's relationship with her was interfering with his stated desires to have children with his wife."I considered myself poly for about six years. I was introduced to the concept by someone I had just met.

He had a partner, but explained they were in an open relationship.

My ex-husband and I had a relatively amicable divorce, and when he had started dating his new girlfriend (now wife), a mutual friend and I went to their house for dinner.