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Sarah michelle gellar dating freddie

The romance between Sarah Michelle Gellar and her husband Freddie Prinze Jr. The Jewish actress, who is most famous for “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” (and will forever be in my heart because of that), married Prinze in 2002. Apparently, it was all because of shellfish–and how she didn’t care about eating a lot in front of him. opened up about how he fell in love with her 19 years ago.

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We shot the entire movie in 20 days."I had two love scenes in this movie. I don't drink, I don't smoke and I've never done any drugs. Maybe some actresses have anorexia, but I certainly don't.""I think of myself as smart before I would ever think of myself as beautiful.One of the greatest gifts my job affords me is that my mother, who gave up her entire life for me, doesn't have to work anymore. ' The entire crew was watching and I didn't know anyone. It does especially if you don't have a lot of rehearsal time. ""I keep myself in good shape by training in the ancient Japanese art of Tae Kwon-Do. She's a skinny girl, it's just her natural body type.Now I can give back and she can take it easy and do whatever she wants, because I bought her a house and paid off the mortgage,""I might have been an immaculate conception. My father, you can just say, is not in the picture. For movies like this, we don't have that rehearsal time. This is the best way to do it because then everything else is a piece of cake! I do not do all of my stunts but I do a good portion. Yes," says the actress who strongly defends herself against accusations of being anorexic - along with fellow TV celebrities like Ally Mc Beal's Calista Flockhart; The Practise's Lara Flynn Boyle, and Friends' stars Courteney Cox Arquette and Jennifer Aniston."Recently, weight has come to the forefront. And let's be honest, we have a tendency to look to models as being beautiful, and we like beautiful people, but I know how airbrushed I am in magazines, and I know that those models are airbrushed, and they're often 6'4"". It's hard, and in America we use sex to sell everything, we use pretty people. Luckily for my show I have to work out so much anyway, so that's a nice trade-off.""But, it's hard, and I understand what happens to someone like Calista.Sarah Michelle, meanwhile, has been in the acting biz since age 4, starring on day-time soap All My Children before ending up the slaying star of the teen vampire cult hit TV series. I think people sometimes forget how young I still am. "Going through a breakup is the most painful, personal experience in the world.When Sarah Michelle's father walked out on the family when she was still in nappies, it left a lasting mark on the Buffy star, who admittedly put career before romance - resolving from a tender age that no man would ever be in a position to break her heart. Prior to meeting Freddie, the actress barely dated, apart from a brief romance with actor Jerry O'Connell: "I'm no push over, and I'm only interested in a man if he is very driven and very serious. The last thing I want to do is read about it, or have other people making judgments.Follow @joannasaid The opinions expressed here are the personal views of the author.

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In a Facebook Live video the two did this past Wednesday, Prinze Jr.

even mentioned how he’d gone on dates with other women in Hollywood and they would usually order a salad.

The couple have quietly been dating for the past 15 months, having met on the set of teen slasher flick, I Know What You Did Last Summer (1997), some four years earlier.

The sweethearts will have plenty of time to finalize their wedding plans since they are currently co-starring in Scooby Doo (2002), a live-action version of the long-running kids cartoon.

If Buffy star Sarah Michelle Gellar grew up with a distrust of men - after her parents divorced while she was still an infant - then the feisty actress clearly still believes in fairy-tale happy-ever-after endings.