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Sedating cats for travel

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Nature's gentle stress reliever quickly promotes a sense of calm.

I'm figuring about ten hours in a cage from Logan to Frankfurt.Species / Body Weight / Dose Dog or Cat 1-20 lbs 5 Drops Dog or Cat 21-60 lbs 10 Drops Dog or Cat 61-100 lbs 15 Drops Dog or Cat 100 or More lbs 20 Drops For cases that are not acute, one dose 3 times daily; this is often best started 5-7 days before any situation causing anxious behavior, e.g. Once a response is seen, administration should be reduced to 2 times daily and eventually once daily. If reduction causes symptoms to worsen, original dosing may be continued a little longer before reducing.If a remedy is working well and dosing is not reduced, an aggravation of symptoms from overuse may occur.Pets are handled differently depending on how they travel. Pets traveling in the cabin must be stowed in special carriers under the seat and be cared for by their owners during any layovers.Dogs and cats traveling in baggage and cargo must travel in sturdy containers with enough room to turn around normally while standing, to stand and sit, and to lie in a natural position. It's been a long time since I've had the chance to travel overseas and now am relocating to Germany for a two-year job.

I want to (have to, really) take the cat but am concerned about the long flight.

The United States expects the same documents regardless of whether your pet is a first-time traveler to the United States or is a returning from an international trip.

Tell your veterinarian about your travel plans as soon as possible.

She can't travel in-cabin because she yowls constantly when caged.

I've already accepted the job - and after one year plus out of work, it's the only option.

Optimally, the liquid preparation should be dropped directly into the mucous membrane of the mouth including lips; ideally in dogs by pulling out the labial pouch, and in cats by raising the head until the mouth opens.