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What is unclear is the level of abuse that she actually suffered over or during her adult years and just how much she may have contributed toward her condition over that time.Both of them, the abuser and the abused, claim to have been treated unfairly and wrong by one another if noone else. Pollard admits that her relationship with Jones continued past the initial time when she was a minor at age 15 for the next 20 years.

To be clear, as I have stated, Jones has the greater wrong and will be judged accordingly, but the hands of choice are not innocent hands if that choice is evil.To parade a child around in the light of such a volatile issue is ridiculous and perpetuates the sins that have occurred by bringing the innocent into examination by the world.This child will grow and she will see the ridiculous set of circumstances surrounding her and will ask those, her elders, why they were so careless as to be caught up in such a ridiculous mess and not protect her? Rosalinda Sanders-Jones or "Roz" as the adulteress Kim Pollard referred to her in her email to William Mc Cray. Jones was the one damaged, harmed and wronged by the actions of both Jones (her husband) and Ms. It is supposed that Pollard had no obligation to acknowledge Mrs. Like a "Jerry Spinger Show" sentiment, "she shoulda took care of her business and handled her man"...Remember, this was and is the same predator that she continued in relationship with for 20 years and even a marriage could not break her ties to the man and his sexual perversion for her.Although people have all kinds of opinions, very little attention has been paid to who has really been victimized by this fiasco. Pollard, because she claims to have been "manipulated" by a church "leader" of a large organization, is automatically the victim.Jones doesn't even dare to admit that much, at least publicly.

Pollard, who also experienced a failed marriage over the course of those 20 years, remained in this twisted relationship to some degree until she felt that her 6 year old daughter was being threatened by the same predator that threatened her.

There is no question about that, and I will not ever defend a pedophile. The adulteress too will face judgement for unrepentant actions because she offended and contributed to the offense of a blessed and sacred estate of marriage which is ordained by God.

However, few individuals offer the same moral value equivalence as to Ms. On this blog I have featured individuals who were abused by married men who used them as sex objects.

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Certainly there is a cleric predator, sex addict, preacher, and a manipulated and manipulative woman that have stood up both claiming that they have been treated unjustly.

While, from all available evidence, it is clear that the accuser, Ms.