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Svea 123 dating

How 'bout the old phoebus stoves, msr tunnel tent with sewn in liner and packing peanuts that acted as spacers and 3 hoop poles you placed inside, or SD octodome where you crawled thru an arch. Jeff I have recently aquires a Ted Williams 10 or 12? I know I have a well-used Optimus 8R and a couple of other old stoves. It measures 9" tall x 7" wide by 4" deep and the legend on the back says it is a "portable refrigerator" and has instructions for use with 2 pictures.

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All of the equiptment on your site was the lastest and best equiptment out when I backbacked.I was wondering if you had any idea Where i could purchase Hank Roberts type LP cannisters for the Coleman 5101 i could make an adapter for the same lantern. My sooty Svea 123 and a battered Sigg fuel bottle are all that survived from my days in the hills....along with a pair of petrified Fabiano Montagne block boots. Also have a pair of wingtip dress shoes that I had outfitted with Vibram soles back in 1968, possibly the first wingtips in Bellingham (and West Coast? I have been searching hi and low but haven't really come up with anything. I have a slew of old ad slicks from Mountain Paraphernalia days....The single model uses the same generator as their double model, so is moving a LOT of fuel most likely being burnt off as a useless ghost flame. Peerless 2C-HG mantles are excellent mantles to use in place of Coleman #21s. HELLO , I WOULD LIKE TO ADD THIS TO YOUR COMMENTS PAGE --- I NOW HAVE OVER 175 NORTH FACE TENTS --- SOME NEW , MOST CLASSICS , VINTAGE --- AND TRY TO USE THEM ON A ROTATIONAL BASIS --- THE TNF SLEEPING BAG COUNT IS OVER 100 --- PACKS , TNF , OODLES AND OODLES BILLIONS --- GORE-TEX COATS AND SHELLS PANTS CLIMBING SUITS --- FAR TOO MANY --- I HAVE ENOUGH STUFF TO OUTFIT AN EVEREST ATTEMPT --- OR HOUSE MOST OF THE HOMELESS HERE IN COLORADO --- SOMEBODY STOP ME PLEASE ??? Epoke mica based xc skis (someone on SNL wore an Epoke tshirt during a skit) Hope sparked a few more memories. I'm looking for the disposable LP Gas Fuel slip on canisters. I'll have to pull out the old crampons and wooden ice axes.this one is in great shape, but if i want to do the paint job right, i need to replace it. thanks for the nice site, lots of vintage stuff here. Stevejust got an old optimus 111B, would like to know what its worth? Anyone want to have their old camping photos featured in a Coleman Ad Campaign? Send a sample jpeg or pdf file to me for consideration. But my wife is also understanding; in 2002, she convinced me to take the offer to buy a stock, mint 1960 Jeep from the original owner, then 92 years of age.

We are looking for vintage photos of families camping with Coleman products. Anyone want to have their old camping photos featured in a Coleman Ad Campaign? Send a sample jpeg or pdf file to me for consideration. I still have all my old stuff(c.1974)Phobus in can,svea, Kelty tioga,sigg cook set,sierra cup etc. I remember toodling about in it during high school days. Anyhow, finding all you kindred spirits is tonic for this bald guy's spirits. Hello Monte and friends, Fantastic collection of camping gear!

Summary I have had mine since I purchased in new in the early seventies.

With only two moving parts (the valve and the needle on the "R" model), it is one of the simplest and most reliable stoves ever made.

thanks for the neat site, I'll pass on the good word Pretty Cool site. It's great collecting vintage stoves/lanterns and making them good again--plus they come in very handy camping, fishing, backingpacking, etc. Thanks for sharing pictures of your "treasures," Charlienice site, very inspiring, I just bought 3 coleman stove for 20 $can, 2x421(425usa0 and 1x4M. super stuff, god they knew how to make goofproof stuff that last! great web site,have the same love for older camping gear,just purchased a propane stove,coleman 2 burner,you insert cartriges that have a needle the punctures gas cans(1 lb)to know if these propane cans can still be purchased,need help Great page, Monte. ) stoves, a North Face Unimog sleeping bag, a so-thin-it's-unusable Ensolite pad, a nylon-covered North Face open cell foam pad, and a few other items from the 1960s and 70s.

I love the retro stuff and they sure dont make the new stuff like the old do they? I came across a Sears JC Higgins today and am doing a rebuild. Thanks for the wonderful pics, which sent me reeling way back. My second pair of Raichle Rotondos just gave out last summer in Utah: the sole seam broke open on one of them (sad).

I see I'll have to bring my REI brass candle lantern to th KO so you can photograph it. I know that my kid will be orienteering without the help of GPS. I have started to acquire retro coolers and jugs, particularly clay lined jugs. I was wondering if you would have one or know where to get one from. What a great collection of old school hiking and climbing gear.