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Updating textmate bundles

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There are no planned updates to Text Mate while I am on vacation but a swarm of volunteers will still update the bundles, so you may want to make an exception to this rule, for the next few months.

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Note that this script assumes that svn is in your path.Most items edited in the Bundle Editor represent actions you want to execute while editing text.Text Mate offers a few ways to do this and has a simple yet powerful system to understand the current context when evaluating which action the activation method should result in, called scope selectors, which is explained in a later chapter.Regions are marked in the symbol list as well at an appropriate depth.The original bundle was designed for use by Text Mate 1.x and the e-Text Editor (Windows), so if you have issues with Version 2 of the bundle, please report a bug. Do what you will, but please leave the author attribution.

The quickest way to install the bundle is via the command line.

/Applications/Text Support/Support/lib/ui.rb:355:in `to_plist': An object in the argument tree could not be converted (Argument Error) from /Applications/Text Support/Support/lib/ui.rb:355:in `request_string_core' from /Applications/Text Support/Support/lib/ui.rb:193:in `request_string' from /Users/pma/Library/Application Support/Text Mate/Bundles/Ruby on Rails.tmbundle/Support/bin/create_partial_from_selection.rb:23:in ` Are you using Ruby 1.9?

The osx-plist.bundle in Textmate doesn't work with Ruby 1.9.

If you have Git installed, you'll probably want to install with Git.

With or without, you can simply copy and paste each line one by one into the Terminal instructions ( lifted from drnic ): mkdir -p ~/Library/Application\ Support/Text Mate/Bundles cd ~/Library/Application\ Support/Text Mate/Bundles git clone"C#.tmbundle" osascript -e 'tell app "Text Mate" to reload bundles' mkdir -p ~/Library/Application\ Support/Text Mate/Bundles cd ~/Library/Application\ Support/Text Mate/Bundles wget tar zxf master rm master mv wintermi-csharp-tmbundle* "C#.tmbundle" osascript -e 'tell app "Text Mate" to reload bundles' This is a substantial rewrite of the original C# bundle heavily inspired by the Java bundle.

UTF-8 svn co ./ IMPORTANT: If you checkout all bundles, you need to keep updating them, and you should switch version checks in Text Mate to “Cutting Edge” since bundles at the repository do often use cutting edge features.