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Updating your account information

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Please complete the personal details section of the application form and return it to us with a certified copy of your new qualification certificate. If you are already registered and have since qualified in another area, you can request the relevant dental care professional title to be added to the register.Please complete all sections of the application form and return it to us with a £12 administration fee.

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Note that if you want to access documents in a Social Security or immigration case, you must access the the docket via CM/ECF.We strongly encourage you to register as soon as possible.Admission: If you are an attorney, you do not need to be admitted to the bar of this Court before you register for electronic filing, but you should concurrently apply for admission.NOTE: As of October 27, 2014, you will not be able to use your Appellate ECF credentials without a linked PACER account. For training to walk you through the linking process and help you understand some of the changes in Next Gen CM/ECF, go here.Use of the CM/ECF system is now mandatory for all attorneys and all court reporters filing in this Court, unless they are granted an exemption from using the CM/ECF system. For more information, see Implementation of Next Gen CM/ECF - COMPLETE.

The information on this page and the FAQ pages will be updated regularly, so stay tuned.

If you require assistance If you require assistance please contact us.

Change of Name Form (229KB, PDF) Your documentary evidence should be certified by a person of professional standing (in any country) such as a: If you would like the GDC to return your documentary evidence please select one of the two options on the form, indicating whether you would like your documents returned via recorded delivery or standard post.

Circuit Rule 25-5 provides details about which documents can and cannot be filed electronically.

Effective December 1, 2009, the Administrative Order Regarding Electronic Filing in All Ninth Circuit Cases is no longer in effect and has been incorporated into the Ninth Circuit Rules.

You can also remove your name from the register and restore it at a later time. If you are going to work abroad, you may need a certificate of current professional status from us.