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Who is carrot top dating

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a few hours after announcing his marriage is ending.

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He seems too old to be her husband, too handsy to be her father. Dan is a different shade of crimson when he teeters up to Thompson, still trapped in the half-open door.The rodeo is in town, and tomorrow Cage wants to go to a western-themed gift show called Cowboy Christmas to buy Thompson a pair of chaps.This time last year, Cage and Thompson stumbled into Cowboy Christmas, and Cage came out the other side in full cowboy getup, including his own pair of chaps and a southern accent that took him a long while to shake. And on three of those nights—Wednesdays, Saturdays, and Mondays—Thompson has to arrive early for a preshow meet and greet. The date: September 27th The place: 7th Avenue at 54th Street Sighted: "Just saw Carrot Top buying a salad at the corner of 54th and 7th.Totally knew just from the back of his head that it was him, then confirmed by passing him.Molitz, nicknamed Porno Jeff because of some work he does on the side, is short and bearded, with a long ponytail and a closet filled with Carrot Top–branded clothing. They met through Porno Jeff's local Mail Boxes Etc.

franchise, which Thompson sometimes used to ship his trunks of comedic props, including what he calls Hugh Hefner's walker (it has a big dildo taped to the front of it) and Rosie O'Donnell's buffet tray (there are five of them).

Nine years ago, Porno Jeff became Thompson's full-time assistant, and he has since evolved from Man Friday into celebrity-by-proxy.

He hosts a Super Bowl party at his house that has become massive enough that Monster Energy drinks and Kraft Nabisco sponsor it; he calls up a picture on his phone of the more than two thousand packets of Kool-Aid that arrived earlier today. Three are a family from Kansas, in Las Vegas to celebrate their daughter's twenty-first birthday; one is a man who has come by himself; and the last two are Zoe, just out of her teens, and Dan, a middle-age man.

Every we time we read about him, minutes of our lives are wasted and possibly years shaved off. ) He scares little children and countless people have had to acid-peel their eye layers.

Nicolas Cage is back in the saddle again, taking a mystery woman out for sushi ...

Now his only other non-Vegas income appears to come from Danny Bonaduce.