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Who is crystal bernard dating

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By Andy Culpepper Turner Entertainment Report Senior Correspondent LOS ANGELES (CNN) -- We've known she's funny. Crystal Bernard made a name for herself in television sitcoms -- "Wings," "It's A Living," "Happy Days," among them. " She punctuates the sermonette with a nod and a smile. What some may not have known is what a terrific singer she is.

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"Talk about unconditional love -- because I excused all his behavior. I would love for him to pick me up and go to a movie and go on a date .... But she refers to her latest album, "Don't Touch Me There," as "organic pop." And truth be told, this material should be no great revelation for students of mainstream pop music.She is known for her seven-year-long role on the comedy Wings.While her main work has been on television, she has appeared in some films and has also pursued a music career.It's called, simply, "Hey." "I think probably because it came so quickly. I was at the studio in Charlotte (North Carolina), and this experience had happened to me. and I went to the piano, and I just started playing them. "It's very easy to write a lot of words to express your thoughts, but to say very little but express a full thought -- that's why I like this song," she affirms. Cher wrote 'Let It Be,' all the Beatles' songs ...." She tosses her head back and laughs.It's another rumination about relationships -- understandings and misunderstandings. He didn't want me to fulfill any of my dreams, and it dawned on me that he didn't love me." The man in her life now might be country singer Billy Dean if he weren't what's become known in '90s-speak as "geographically undesirable." The two have become close despite their 2,000-miles-plus separation. "And the truth is," Bernard begins, sincerity etched in her forehead. Singers who've recorded songs Bernard has authored include Paula Abdul, Lisa Stansfield and Tracie Spencer.

Peter Cetera heard her demo tape and asked her to sing a duet with him.

A woman approached Bernard at the table at which she and her father were sitting. "'I don't know if you've heard of her,'" Bernard says, recalling the words the woman said. "I didn't spend all the time that I wish I could have spent with her. '" Themes of love and loss shape much of the singer's new material.

"'Her name is Ginger Rogers.'" Here, Bernard becomes animated, snapping her fingers to emphasize the jolt the name delivered. And when she died, it was such a surprise, and it was a heartache for me." "This woman was the toast of the country," Bernard explains. The provocatively titled "Don't Touch Me There" actually refers to Bernard's heart -- and to a relationship long ago which taught a younger, ambitious actress what love was and wasn't.

It subsequently stayed on the pop charts for months.

Of the 10 songs from her new collection, Bernard doesn't hesitate when she's asked to name a favorite.

She became an entertainer at a young age, singing gospel songs with her elder sister, Robyn, also an actress.