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Who is karan johar dating

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Karan said that last season when Aditya featured on the show with his Aashiqui 2 co-star only a "possibly clueless person would say that you were not in a serious relationship with Shraddha." Then he asked was it easy to work with Shraddha again (in OK Jaanu).

Parineeti said that the rumour had never died only now it's a last season rumour.She come upto me and say, 'what have you done'and increase five more minutes."There was a time, during my weight loss year (adding air quotes) when I'd use to watch all her songs and run on the treadmill.Aditya, like Parineeti thinks Katrina is very meticulous when it comes to workouts and said he'd dare Katrina to get fat.The weirdest rumour he said ahe;s heard about himself is that "I'm dating Rihanna." He revealed somethings about Parineeti - She judges people's character by finger nail and is extremely scared of snakes.Parineeti, dressed in a black outfit with messy hairdo and smokey eyes, had all our attention and that of the viewers too.

She had quirky answers to Karan's cheeky questions and revealed many, many secrets of her many, many co-stars.

Parineeti started with a quirky disclaimer, "Main jo kuch kahungi hamper ke liye kahungi." When asked what the meanest thing she's hear about herself, Parineeti said she read somewhere, "Parinneti looks like a hot air balloon." "It was a true at one point of the time," she added as an afterthought. reference saying hottest actor in India is Fawad Khan, only, "Is he still in India, technical problem Mr Raichand." Parineeti won, enuf said.

Post Dawaat-E-Ishq Phase Parineeti and Aditya starred in the film whihic tanked at the box office. S reference (or any other for that matter) made Parineeti say that because Aditya's brain is the size of a teaspoon. Aditya goofed up bad in the quiz round too and said that Shah Rukh and Hrithik bond over badminton in Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham....

I'm not the dating types."Parineeti is Scared of Katrina Kaif "But why?

," asked Karan Johar, alothough he brought this to our attention. It's like when she enters the gym I raise the speed of my treadmill.

Parineeti also said that she would not be able to date an actor.